Board of Directors

  • Alcide Ezio Rosina – President
  • Gaudenzio Bonaldo Gregori – Vice President
  • Marco Fiori – CEO
  • Enrico Barbieri – Director
  • Andrea Regazzoni – Director

The Board of Directors of the parent company Premuda S.p.A. develops long term strategies, objectives, high-level policies and budgets of the Group. It also acts as supervisor of the executive management. The Board of Directors actually in charge in Premuda S.p.A. in addition to Marco Fiori (CEO) and Enrico Barbieri (CFO and Director) is comprising Alcide Ezio Rosina (Chairman) who served for many years as President of PREMUDA. Mr. Rosina, one of the most experienced professional of the Italian maritime cluster, brings to the Board of Directors his extensive experience with management of shipping companies, S&P, asset-backed investments and management of operational issues. The Board also comprise Gaudenzio Bonaldo Gregori (Director) and Andrea Regazzoni (Director). Mr. Bonaldo Gregori is the managing partner of Pillarstone Italy and Andrea Regazzoni is a Director of the same firm, with a specific focus on shipping investments. They bring competencies in general management and corporate strategy as well as their distinctive financial experience, comprising investment and corporate banking, as well as management of financial risks. The controlled entities have their own Board of Directors, in charge of day-to-day management.

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