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    Il Sole 24 Ore Interview with Marco Tassara (General Manager Premuda)

Well, Mr Tassara, some market forecast for the future
"Ours is a market subject to abrupt fluctuation; it depends largely on charter charges and raw materials. It is difficult and dangerous to make forecasts. Nevertheless, since oil  is still the number one source of energy, anyone believing in the development of the domestic economy can look at companies in this segment with a certain degree of optimism".

And your company shares?
"Our shares are still undervalued - if compared to the real value of the company itself".

Shipping is still under-represented on the shares market. Any particular reasons?
"Shipping under-representation on the shares market is, indeed, most peculiar, given that in maritime transport the Stock Exchange is an excellent means for finding capital for investment.
On the other hand, maritime transport has always been a business linked to skillful entrepreneurial intuition rather than strategic planning. The Stock Exchange requires rules and transparency and these prerequisites are not always easy to respect for shipping operators."

Other plans for the future?
"Accords, synergies and commercial agreements. In maritime shipping company size is of the essence and this is, hence, they way we shall proceed - at the same time preserving, however, Company identity".

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