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04/04/2017 Board of Statutory Auditors
30th March 2017 - the regular auditor Maddalena Costa resigned for possible indipendency problems towards new shareholders. Co-opted the same day Valentina Moggio - remains in office until the next Shareholders Meeting.
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23/01/2017 Appointment of a Director as per Italian law, art. 2386 c.c
18 January, 2017 - The Shareholders have unanimously appointed prof. Corrado Gatti, as Independent Director as per “Testo Unico Finanza (TUF)” of the Italian law. The declaration of independence produced by the elected Director was previously evaluated upon co-optation by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors, in office until the approval of the financial statement at December 2016, comply with requirements of balance between genders
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25/10/2016 Directors and Officers 2016
Corrado Gatti was co-opted on 21.10.2016 in replacement of Alberto Garibotto and remains in office until the next Shareholders Meeting. He has also the office of CRO.
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27/06/2014 Directors and officers

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