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In view of this intent, Premuda adopted a Management System meeting ISO 14001 standards which requires following targets to be met:

·      Comply with the applicable legal environmental requirements;

·      Evaluate environmental impacts caused by its activities and the services offered to the clients or received by the suppliers;

·      Strive to exceed all standards and objectives in every aspect of its activities related to environment protection;

·      Plan, develop and execute forward looking strategies and environmental plans to address environmental challenges;

·      Provide ship commands and relevant office personnel with instructions and proper emergency plans with the aim of preventing or limiting pollution in case of accidents;

·      Provide adequate personnel and training to its employees to ensure that they have the tools and resources necessary to achieve environmental goals and demonstrate personal accountability for protecting the environment;

·      Monitor and measure the outcome of its operations and identify improvements for environmental management system, by setting new objectives and targets.

In order to guarantee the compliance with the above-mentioned principles, Premuda has:

·      Designated an Environmental Management Representative who is accountable for communication of this policy and for compliance with its undertakings. He will ensure effective implementation, management and monitoring of the environmental management system and its subsequent outcomes.

·      Planned a periodical control of the environmental aspects produced by shipboard and office activities.

·      Deployed an internal communication system that facilitates the updating and the familiarization of the personnel as well as the acceptance of their suggestions.

·      Issued a company structure that enables a correct and efficient enforcement of environmental procedures.

·      Established a periodical review of environmental policy, objectives and goals.

Premuda Environmental Policy is approved and authorized by the Managing Director. The Policy shall be put into practice, preserved and delivered to all Premuda’s personnel, including those working on behalf of the Company, shall be placed in prominent locations in both shore offices and vessels and shall be made available to the public.

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