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The Policy is reviewed at Management Review and provides the framework for setting and reviewing the company’s Safety, Quality, Pollution Prevention and Environmental objectives and targets to perform the continual improvement.

The Company, conscious of its responsibilities in this field, pledges to follow its commitment to safety, quality and environmental protection and establishes that all operations carried out by its personnel, both ashore and on board, will emphasize to the following objectives, in order of priority:

  • operate vessels and transport cargo safely, efficiently and in a safe working environment;
  • protect the environment and prevent pollution;
  • prevent physical injury and loss of life whenever possible;
  • assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards;
  • maintain the technical and operational efficiency of the vessels;
  • comply with relevant environmental legal and other requirements and to implement programs and procedures to assure compliance;
  • employ management systems and procedures specifically designated to prevent activities and /or conditions that pose a threat to human health, safety of the environment;
  • establish and meet Company own HS&E quality standards where existing laws and regulations are not adequate to assure health, safety and environment protection;
  • satisfy the contractual requirements of the Clients and meet regulatory requirements;
  • support vessel operations by highly qualified shore based personnel;
  • protect and warn vessels and crew against illegal practices;
  • evaluate the possibility for recycling of material;
  • communicate Company’s commitment to HSQE and to Company employees, vendors and customers, in order to solicit their input in meeting Company HSQE goals and in turn to offer assistance, if required, to meet their expectations;
  • provide the framework for setting and reviewing safety, quality, environmental objectives and targets;
  • monitor, measure, analyze and ensure that the processes are implemented effectively and to achieve goals and objectives as defined;
  • improve all processes by evaluating Audits results, Master reviewing of SQEMS and Management review.


Departmental Managers are responsible for ensuring that personnel under their supervision understand the Company's Policy as it relates to their functions, implementing the requirements of the SQEMS, by following the SQEMS Operational Procedures and Working Instructions.

Each Department Manager is responsible for identifying and ensuring availability of necessary equipment, resources, personnel, and capability to achieve the required service quality in a safe and environmental sustainable manner.

Each Department Manager is responsible for ensuring that the necessary operational procedures and work instructions, and all other essential documents are available at all locations, where activities essential to the effective functioning of the SQEMS are performed.

The Company states that whenever a conflict arises between commercial or economic motives and the above points, the Master shall always decide by giving priority to the latter in accordance with the above established order.

This policy is available to the public.

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