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01/02/2017 Transiting off coasts of Somalia, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea Premuda Company Policy
Premuda is very concentrated with the growing number of piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean which has, in several cases, resulted in the vessels being attacked and their crew being taken hostage. The situation in the piracy areas is very dynamic and the risk of attack in an area changes very quickly.
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30/09/2009 Company Policy

PREMUDA’s business philosophy is based on a long term dedication to provide deep sea shipping for the movement of bulk cargo worldwide. This is a task which entails a firm commitment to the safety of fleet operations, pollution prevention, quality of service and environmental protection. Consistent with this philosophy, PREMUDA spares no financial or human resources to maintain a modern and sophisticated fleet.

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01/01/2006 Company Ballast Management Policy

PREMUDA's mission is to operate in the shipping business based on the safety of life at sea and on the high respect of natural environmental through the development of Company’ standard of constructions and procedures.

Studies carried out have shown that many species of bacteria, plants and animals can survive in a viable form in the ballast water and sediment carried in ships, even after journeys of several weeks duration. Subsequent discharge of ballast water or sediment into the waters of port states may result in the establishment of colonies of harmful species and pathogens which can seriously upset the existing ecological balance.

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01/01/2006 Company safety policy
It’s Premuda policy to conduct its business in a manner that protects the safety of employees, others involved in its operations, customers and the public
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01/01/2006 Company Drug and Alchol policy

The company requires that:

a) The possession, use, distribution or sale of controlled drugs by employees is strictly prohibited and is ground for immediate dismissal.

b) The possession, distribution or sale of alcohol or alcoholic substances on the managed ships is strictly prohibited. Violation of these instructions is ground for disciplinary action and/or immediate dismissal

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01/01/2006 Environmental Policy

Premuda, as Company providing deep sea shipping for the transport of liquid and dry cargo worldwide, is committed to consider environment protection in every action taken.

Premuda is fully committed and feels its responsibility to drive up marine standards, encourage safer operation practices and fully respect the environment.

Premuda developed and implements an Environmental Policy Statement to direct its focal efforts on the three pillars of environmental protection as an integral part of its business:

Regulatory Compliance                      Pollution Prevention                  Continual Improvement

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01/01/2004 Company Security Policy

·         To protect Ships and crew from  consequences of illegal practices, by detecting and deterring criminal or terrorist acts.

·         To operate Ships and cargo operation safety.

·         To maintain maximum level of technical and operational efficiency of the fleet.

·         To ensure safeguarding of people, vessel and cargo.

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