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The origins of Premuda date back to 1907. It was founded in  Trieste under the name of Navigazione a Vapore (Steamship Navigation) G.L. Premuda.
Managed by the Tripcovich family, the company distinguished itself right from the beginning as a company clearly constituted on split-shareholding.

Listed initially in 1918 on Borsa Valori di Trieste (Trieste Stock Exchange), the company was later to be listed in Milan.


During World War II the company fleet was completely destroyed and it was 1957 before reconstruction took place.

In 1973 control of the company is handed over to Nai Genova, part of the Lollighetti Group - the operation carried out by Gefina (Gruppo Generali). Thus the insurance group, Generali, enters the company shareholding.
In 1980 Premuda control passes to a group of shareholders co-ordinated by the Rosina family.
In 1988 control passes over to the Montanari group, by way of Cispa Spa.
[1990 - 1991]

In 1990 control is acquired by Navigazione Italiana (the Rosina family shareholder-manager), now co-operating, by a syndicate agreement, with Assicurazioni Generali and Duferco Italia Holding in the management of the company. The agreement,after various adjournments, holds until 31.12.07.

In 1991, Premuda starts a process of internationalisation through the formation of Premuda International and in 19
95 acquires the tanker branch of Fermar company with a 215 billion Lire investment; in such circumstance the capital stock is increased up to 67.8 billions Lire.

In 1996 an overall reorganization of the Group takes place spanning structure, personnel and work areas, based on patterns and procedures tried and tested at international level.
Once again 1996 and the bulk sector is set up.
In the following year- the opening of Houston Offices (Premuda Atlantic Inc.)
In 1998 Premuda increases its capital stock to 87.2 billion Lire and in February of the same year the fleet starts to undergo a renovation program at the Samsung shipyards with a first slot of 4 ships for 2000/2001 delivery.
International expansion for the Group continues with the opening of Kuala Lumpur Offices (Premuda Pacific Sdn Bhd) in May 1998, subsequently replaced by Premuda (Asia) Sdn Bhd.

In February 2000 and   May 2001 two free capital stock increase are finalized  allocating 1 ordinary share to every 10 held. As a consequence of such increases and the conversion to Euro the capital becomes 54.6 million €. Because of the revocation of the saving shares same have been made convertible into ordinary ones, until 2003.

In october 2000 Premuda finalizes the purchase of the “Almare  di Navigazione  S.p.A.” shipping company, thereafter renamed Premuda Tankers S.p.A., destined to become the operating arm of the Group in Italy.

During the period 2000/2001 further 3 new tankers are ordered to Samsung Shipyards, for delivery 2003.

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