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The Management and employees of PREMUDA are committed to providing an efficient ship management and / or transportation of goods in a safe and environmentally sound manner, which consistently meets customers’ requirements and industry recommendations.

To achieve these goals the management has set the following objectives in order to:

·           Ensure that the subject Quality Policy is communicated and understood by the shore and shipboard personnel and it is available to the public;

·           Comply with conditions of contracts or agreements and confirm that required specifications are met;

·           Comply with applicable statutory, legislative requirements and mandatory rules;

·           Provide adequate resources including qualified, experienced and trained personnel, as well as equipments fit for the service offered by the company;

·           Control company’s business processes and monitor their performance for continual effectiveness and improvement;

·           Ensure that it is appropriate to the nature, scale and operating purpose of the Company;

·           Conduct appropriate reviews and evaluations of its operations / quality objectives and measure progress, continuing suitability and compliance with the subject policy;

·           Ensure that the quality of business, the protection of the environment, the safety and health of its employees remain the predominant factors in all aspects of ship activities.

                                                                                                          The General Manager

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