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    Company Security Policy

The Company establishes that all operations personnel on board and ashore are directed to achieve all Company objectives concerning safety and Security, as here below listed.

         To protect Ships and crew from  consequences of illegal practices, by detecting and deterring criminal or terrorist acts.

         To operate Ships and cargo operation safety.

         To maintain maximum level of technical and operational efficiency of the fleet.

         To ensure safeguarding of people, vessel and cargo.

         To promote Security awareness among all personnel.


The Company establishes that, in case of conflicts between economical/commercial aspects and those listed above, the Master assigns priority to the latter. Particularly the Master can decide to deny the access permit to people (except these identified as duly authorized officers - by a Government) and refuse loading goods of any kind, including container or other closed transportation units, if deemed as potentially insecure.


In order to achieve all above objectives the Company  undertakes commitment to provide all necessary resources and qualified personnel, defining the organisation, specific duties and responsibilities, policy, procedures and instructions coordinating the activity as follows:

         observations of the national and international laws and regulations regarding maritime Security.

         Practise good Security management to ensure the safeguarding of employees, visitors, passengers, cargo and Ships, establishing counter measures against all identified risks, mitigating those at too high levels.

         Improve constantly the technical and operational efficiency of personnel.

         Ensure maximum level of maintenance of Ships.

         Ensure constant emergency response capability.

         Support Company Security Officer (CSO) and assistants as required, with overall responsibility for Security on board and provide them sufficient resources to fulfil their duties and responsibilities. Ensure that Ship Security Assessment (SSA) are conducted as required by the ISPS Code, taking into account the composition of crew, cargo, Ships types and deployment. Promote Security awareness among all employees through Company training programme. Appoint Master as Ship Security Officer (SSO) on each Ship. Provide all Ships with updated guidance and advice relative to specific threats and other Security related information.

         Establish a reporting and document procedure for all Security matters

         Instruct crew members on the relevant sections of the SSP, in inspect of their specifies duties.

         Only the CSO is authorised to release Security information.




As to the Ship operations the Master, according to his own professional judgement, has the   overriding authority to act for protection of lives, Ship safety, environment and Security, regardless the fact that decisions are in accordance or not with procedures or instructions provided by the Company, Charterers or other third parties.



The Master shall in any case communicate immediately to the Company every incident or non conformities that might affect the safety of people and Ship or cause environmental pollution. Adequate human , economical and material resources are provided to this purpose.

The Company periodically conducts a review of the actual implementation of the policy, to ensure objectives are achieved and procedures and  instructions are adequate and effective.


In addition to the obligation to comply with ISPS Code part A, Company has decided to consider as mandatory also the provisions stated in ISPS part B and therefore strictly comply with them.

Crew members are entitled to exercise the right of safe defence in response to hostile acts, whether in times of peace or during war.

Company emphasises that it is not required to crew members to risk their own life to defend the asset (Ship or cargo).

It is not permissible to induce an individual to commit an offence against the law for the purpose of providing a basis for subsequent protection. Such provocation by way of entrapment is not authorised or permitted under any circumstances.

Graduated degrees of force:


               Verbal Persuasion.

               Unarmed Self-defence/restraint.

Armed Self-defence to include Fire Hose, implements at hand.
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