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    Company Ballast Management Policy

Company, conscious of its responsibility in the above field, pledges to follow its commitment to safety, quality and environmental protection and establishes that all operation carried out by personnel on board will have to emphasize following objective:

protect the environment

To avoid the release of unwanted organism from ships ballast water, Premuda established that the ballast water exchange has to be carried out during any ballast voyage in accordance with owns ballast management manual and instructions to Masters related to vessel’ stability and distress.

Above procedure will be applied on board of Premuda’s vessels both when a specific ballast water procedure is required by a Port State Authority and when same procedure is not mandatory.

To facilitate the administration of ballast water management and treatment procedures on board each ship, a responsible officer should be appointed to maintain appropriate records and to ensure that ballast water management and/or treatment procedures are followed and recorded.

When taking on or discharging ballast water, as a minimum, the dates, geographical locations, ship’s tank(s) and cargo holds, ballast water temperature and salinity as well as the amount of ballast water loaded or discharged should be recorded. The record should be made available to the Port State authorithy.

The decision of not performing the ballast treatment will be only a Master’s decision taken for safety at sea.

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